Do you think Sonally doesn't work because of the bias Archie has for it or other reasons?

Archie’s bias doesn’t really factor in why it doesn’t work for me. It contributes to my annoyance regarding the pairing but it has no relevance to my thoughts about why it doesn’t work.

I feel it doesn’t work because the dynamic between the two characters is already forced. We’re supposed to believe that despite their differences, these two are made for each other, that they compliment each other and will eventually marry in the future. Yet they butt heads regarding how to approach missions. She expected him to stop going against the madman blighting their world and stay her royal lapdog.

We’re supposed to believe that Sonic will slow down to facilitate her and due to Archie’s BS, morphing SEGA’s character even against what Yuji Naka himself has stood by, he stated that he would.

This isn’t Sonic.

Sonic’s heart doesn’t belong to anyone but Adventure. Even Sonic X, even AMY who is besotted with him understood this;


And given that Sally proclaimed how she loved her people more than him…


It just shows that she herself has no true grasp on what love can be - That love for your people and love for a partner are two distinct things. The comic tries to portray this as some “wise”, “profound” thing yet all I’m really seeing is a young woman who is conflicted and confused.

Sonic himself, in practically every other continuity is fairly well established as a boy who is at the very least skittish and awkward regarding the subject of romance and who often spurns deeply affectionate gestures. So when I see him playing tonsil hockey with alarming regularity, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth because it’s so overdone, it’s so unsubtle.



You could say I look up to her. She has an excellent opinion, and respects others opinions. She always has evidence and all that to support her statements, and her knowledge on the Sonic franchise is unbelieveable! If I ever have a question concerning the series I always go to her. If you don’t follow her already, you’re missing out on a lot of info and a kind blogger. Overall, she is just extremely smart and respectful =).


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I think part of the reason why the werehog was so interesting was that because of his new look, Sonic was a lot more insecure which made him less sassy/cocky and a lot sweeter since he was more sensitive I guess? Not that I don't like his sassiness, it just gets in the way of his other personality traits from time to time. It also helps that he's big and fluffy. Thoughts? Why do you like the werehog?

I adore the Werehog. It’s my favorite Sonic form next to his normal one.

I found the way it delved into Sonic’s character to still be incredibly interesting despite the fact that more could’ve been done to exploit the transformation.

Sensically, all of the Werehog's flashy and funny-looking moves were of Sonic's invention and at least show that he's smart enough to create moves that effectively utilize his new form's properties. And because Sonic apparently has a propensity for being more unrestrained and vicious in Werehog form, the moves often look shockingly violent and bone-crushing yet still comical-looking. I always wondered if this was partly because of his frustration with the way the transformation violates what makes him…him; It robs him of his speed.

Sonic isn’t even aware that it is his own lack of self-doubt and pure heart that stops him from succumbing to Dark Gaia completely instead believing that it was Chip’s influence that was ‘protecting’ him. This actually shows that Sonic is oblivious to some of his most positive qualities and hints that his nature is so ingrained that he doesn’t acknowledge it as being something beneficial to him on a more personal level.

The design of the form is awesome too. He is a really good combination of tough and cuddly. He looks like he could effortlessly rip you limb from limb yet there’s something about his thick arms and his furriness that makes you want to hug him too.

The form is fascinating and didn’t detract from Sonic as a character at all. I think it added to it.

What are your favorites/hated pairings ?


SonAmy (OTP)

Knuxouge (It’s funny and endearing)

Taimo (It was cute even if it wasn’t well developed)

Sonic X Chili Dog (See SatBK’s intro)

Sonic X Floor (True love)


Sonadow (Because 95% of it is terrible)

Sonally (It doesn’t work and Archie writers love showing their bias regarding it)

KnuxSu (When your pairing is based on magic BS, it proves how weak it is writing-wise)

TaiReam (Couple-assigning at it’s most blatant)

SonTails (Brothers not lovers!)

ShadAmy (Illogical and many fics about it bastardize Sonic)

Opinions of Sonic X?

I feel that it was a show with potential that in no way truly lived up to it.

I feel that a lot of it’s aspects were misguided ones, the biggest offender being the character of Chris Thorndike. It has been argued that this character was brought to fruition to facilitate an attempt to connect with X’s target audience. I personally question the point of this considering that the Sonic series has been connecting with it’s audience since 1991, a full 12 years before X started airing. Chris was pointless as far as I’m concerned and was very poorly utilized, detracted from the show rather than adding positively to it and utterly undermining what the show was aiming for simply because he’s an annoying creator’s pet who tries so hard to be a sympathetic character and fails at it.

Sonic as a character is….very, very odd. I’d go so far as to say that for me, he’s the most polarizing incarnation of the character in the franchise. On one hand, he feels more loyal to the general mannerisms of the Sonic of the games far, FAR better than say the Americanized Flanderizations you see in Archie and the other cartoons, he’s clearly been directed firmly by Sonic Team’s supervision and it shows because his direction was akin to the Sonic games of that era. Not identical, just akin. Yet on the other hand he could be a lovable AND infuriating character; Clearly has his own brand of insightfulness giving me the impression that more goes on in his head than meets the eye, quite sedentary and ‘lazy’ and aloof? I mean he admits in episode 51 that he doesn’t care where he is, running and freedom is his love above all else and if it means staying in Chris’ world to continue doing that then so be it. This makes this Sonic come off as a character who is incredibly selfish.

Yet there’s many other instances in the show where Sonic is shown to be quite the selfless and kind character as well. Taking Helen to the island of flowers because her father is too busy working for her sake to do so. Being a frequent source of encouragement to others. Stopping Eggman from doing what he wants on Earth and putting an end to his destructive attempts to dominate. Having that classic attitude.

Regarding this Sonic’s emotional distance and aloofness, it just came off to me as cold how he makes no attempt to console Tails after Cosmo’s demise though I have heard of interesting arguments justifying this behavior and don’t entirely know what to fully make of it. X Sonic is mostly on the ‘love’ side but a few of his aspects do peeve me.

The animation was frequently awful and often drove it home to me that there was little concern for quality control. The english dub is in my opinion one of the worst that 4kids has produced and detracts largely from a show that already has issues. The episode plots uncommonly deviated from “Monster Robot of the week” which made them feel rather samey, not to mention how Sonic is utilized as the last minute wonder. Some of it’s episode plots were rather interesting and cool though such as episode 24 with Sonic running wild and the honestly funny attempts to stop him.

My synopsis seems to be rather negative up to this point but the truth is, I still hold a soft spot for Sonic X. It had some genuinely magical moments and I liked it’s musical score in the original JP version. There’s something very cool about it’s synthesized tracks and it’s awesome how game music was sometimes integrated. And as you noted, it’s depiction of Sonic-Amy romance was incredibly endearing to me despite it’s ‘patchiness’. I do base my liking for the SonAmy pairing off of it’s depiction in this show. When it was good, it was really good. I just have an enormous soft spot for SonAmy in X.

Overall, Sonic X is a good Sonic show that is let down by dubious concepts, frequently bad animation and formulaic writing and of course it’s horrid english dub. One of the likable aspects to me was how it made an effort to correlate with game elements and character portrayals to an extent and has a feel that’s hard to put my finger on that gives it off as an aspect of Sonic media that had SoJ’s influence.





Here’s a snippet of that Evil Rouge I was talking about. It got to the point where even her desire for Knuckles seemed overtly sinister and cruel. Now granted, I would actually find this interesting to see. I just don’t know how well it suits Rouge’s…

Got something considerably less jokey this time around, a dug up quote about Rouge from Ian;

"When you get down to it, Rouge is greedy. Shadow, and to a lesser extent Omega, are the only real friends she has. As a jaded and almost entirely self-centered woman, those kinds of bonds are extremely rare and special to her. She may not admit it to anyone, or even herself, but it doesn’t change the fact she’s devoted to holding onto something precious.

So when she’s in danger of losing Shadow to the Black Arms’ influence, she plays to Shadow’s emotional side. Trust and friendship are just as big a rarity for him, and manipulating his loneliness and his heroic-martyr complex is the best way to get to him. Sure, it sounds kind “motherly,” and some of it is truly heart-felt, but it’s not sappy. 

This isn’t like Sonic appealing to Mecha Sally - him trying to reach out to his life-long friend, his first love, to awaken her inner self for her sake. This is more like: “Shadow is my friend. Mine! I’m not losing my gems! I mean friend.”“

And in case people think that this applies only to the old continuity, he said this in the spoilers thread of Sonic Universe #62.

Yeah, there are times where I can’t really agree with his train of thought.

*Remember Heroes and SONIC ‘06. Specifically the way they portrayed the relationship between the two characters, showing that Rouge never treated Shadow like an object*

…Yeah…Flynn’s “interpretation” has absolutely nothing on those.

Was the relationship between Knuckles and Julie-Su even interesting?


Not in my opinion.

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sonic shaming round 2 (x)


sonic shaming round 2 (x)

I kind of think its funny that a lot characters in the Archie fan wiki actually has a section for 'Romance", because that isn't even considered in the games.

Even funnier is the amount of romantic interests elaborated upon in Prime!Sonic’s romance section.