Who, in your opinion, would be a good companion/life partner for Sally Acorn?

She seemed to have great Chemistry with Monkey Khan :D

Whatcha think of Pokemon Origins?

It was really cool. Really felt like a loving tribute to the original two games.

Sure it felt like it was very compacted but I think that was understandable. The animation quality was pretty awesome and it was interesting how the Pokemon were given more animalistic behaviors. Oh, and the battle sequences…were pure win.

Which sonic characters would be which madoka characters?

It’s really hard to compare Sonic characters to Madoka characters.

I don’t think there’s any Sonic character who is really comparable to Homura. Homura went through very drastic personality change due to the nature of her time traveling powers and her mission. This isn’t comparable to any Sonic character IMO.

No Sonic character is as taken with the concept of camaraderie in the same way that Mami is. That trait was so central to her character that it killed her when she was so taken with the idea it made her battling ability sloppy and resulted in Charlotte going mogu-mogu.

No Sonic character strikes me as being akin to Sayaka, who couldn’t abide by her ideals when she realized she was getting no gratification from what she wished for and what she was doing and slipped into detachment and self-doubt, eventually witching-out.

I also don’t feel that any Sonic character doubts their self-worth and ability to do something positive for others like Madoka.

As for Kyoko, again, I don’t see any Sonic characters comparable to her. She selfishly looks out for number one and is rather uncaring about the duty to protect humans from witches when she allows their familiars to cultivate their own Grief Seeds. She’s also…pretty bitchy.

Venus is the Roman god of love and beauty, right? What I learned from Literature is that many Roman gods have Greek counterparts and viceversa. So I guess Aphrodite would be Rouge?

I know that there are Roman equivalents of Greek Gods/Goddesses but I get confused regarding them.

Rouge could be Diana, the Moon goddess. Mainly because I feel that as a Bat, she could have more of a connection to the night.

I don't think Rouge can be Venus, because Venus is a Roman God, not a Greek one. Ooh! Maybe Vanilla and Cream could be Demeter and Persephone, respectively?

I know now. Greek mythology, why you so confusing aye?

Sounds like those goddesses suit them :)

I don't know if you already answered this question, but I'm curious as to why you don't like Sonia the Hedgehog?

Her prissy personality is annoying. Her mannerisms are irritating. Prim snob who hates even a speck of dirt and seems to make it her sworn duty to talk down to her brothers.

In addition, her voice is straight-up ear sodomy. I mean you’d think they’d delegate her a female voice actor instead of a male voice actor who really can’t make a good approximation of an adolescent girl voice. Whenever she opens her mouth it’s cringeworthy…except for the songs, which are cringeworthy in themselves but at least Sonia sounds somewhat tolerable in them.

Verte, I got my hands on this month's comic and I called it. I said a few months ago that all that's missing is an old guy telling Sonic he was a werewolf and bam, Moss warns Sonic of his darkness. Ian literally hit ALL the werewolf movie tropes. This is quickly becoming: The Wolf Hog, starring Lon Chaney Jr. as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Like I said…I think twice before?…I stopped caring.

Let Archie mangle the Werehog. It annoys me but the thing to think about is that I still have the legitimate version of the form that Sonic Team always intended to appreciate as well as the awesome game he features in to treasure.

Do you think Pokemon animated series ?

I’m annoyed by how it’s become “strictly formula” and has lost quite a bit of it’s Japanese identity.

What I mean regarding the latter part of the above is that in the Indigo League season, you saw cultural events being alluded-to. Nowadays, do you see episodes like “The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak” (Which was an episode centered around a Bon Festival) and “Princess vs Princess”? (Centered around Hinamatsuri)

…Not to my knowledge.

Heck, I even recall reading that the late Takeshi Shudō expressed discontent with the bastardization of the Rocket Trio.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not biased towards the Indigo League. It had quite a number of issues such as it’s horrendous pacing and the fact that Ash didn’t even earn half of the Badges the ‘legitimate’ way. But I felt that it set the standard for the series that has been too far drifted away from.

If you could with for 3 things to change in the Sonic games, and 3 things to change in the Archie comics, what would they be?

3 changes I’d make to Sonic games

- Place Shiro Maekawa back into the position of lead writer. Tails jerkification and Sonic flanderization would stop as would ‘comedy’ that falls flat and stories that cultivate plot points only to ignore them. We could once again actually take Sonic narratives seriously.

- Stop experimenting. Take a solid gameplay engine and stick with it. This series has been going through game design like they’re dirty diapers and feels like it lacks an identity in regards to it.

- Make other characters playable and truly relevant again. Wisps would get the chop as they poorly substitute for other characters and have outlived their welcome.

3 changes I’d make to the comics

- Stricter control over and monitoring of character portrayal. Rouge has been mangled enough. Blaze has been the damsel in distress far too much. Sonic is too much of a jerkass. None of this would be allowed under my watch.

- Cutting out the meme-citing. It’s obnoxious pandering, a very low form of wit and is a poor substitute for truly clever and relevant humor.

- Have more control over pacing. We’ve often been getting stories that go on for extended periods with little satisfying pay-off and which feel like they’re really dragging.

To be fair I would like to say that in the old comics, Archie Sonic was shy but in a different way.He would always show his feelings to Sally sometimes but most of the time he would just run away or deny it. Kind of like OVA Anime Sonic with Sarah.

Yeah…but that was a long, long time ago and isn’t really present in the character’s personality anymore.

As for OVA Sonic, I never really saw shyness in him regarding Sera. That was Knuckles more than Sonic who I struggled to see any romantic interest towards her in at all.