If I might shed some light on the Saturn, it did incredibly well in Japan, but because there were plenty of 2D games. The Saturn was a powerhouse and had easily the best 2D graphics of any system during it's time. It's 3D graphics were, however, built very differently than other systems which made it very strange and difficult to port games to it. Bernie Stolar effectively killed the Saturn by denying almost every 2D game for America and because of the botched early launch.

I know :) The Saturn specialized in luscious 2D visuals and was far better at doing this than the Playstation. From what I’ve heard, the Saturn had two processors that made it notoriously hard to get the full potential out of. As Yuji Naka once said in EDGE’s Retro magazine, only about 1 in 100 programmers generally have the talent and expertise to get real power out of the Saturn.

And what about the Dreamcast? (Sorry for all the questions)

Dreamcast suffered from a big lack of third party support especially from EA. I think that SEGA’s previous failures in the hardware market may have marred consumer faith in the console in addition. I’ve always felt that the Dreamcast deserved more sales and more embracing, it was truly a console ahead of it’s time and had a load of stuff back then that is taken for granted today such as online play.

Why do you think the Sega Saturn failed?

It was overpriced, underpowered, the opposition looked superior and the lack of a killer app upon release such as a Sonic game effectively killed a lot of interest in it. Developers were very hard pushed to utilize the Saturn’s inherent potential as the console was notoriously difficult to work with as well.

So how about that Knack The Weasel?

Nack has always been a character that I’ve felt has a ton of potential. He’d be intriguing because he has the rare distinction of being despised by both the good guys and the bad guys. He’s also motivated not by villainy but by cash, which would make him factor in the stories of the games as a wild card. I also think that Nack has potential for good comedy as well with his cowardliness and general incompetence.

I for one would find it funny if him and Rouge developed a rivalry.

Can Shadow teleport without a emerald?

Iizuka said at Sonic Boom ‘13 that Shadow does need an emerald to use Chaos Control. But then haven’t there been instances in the games in which he’s succeeded in performing it without one?

What would happen if you gave Shadow lots of sugar?

He’d probably get a headache. Or if he was feeling a sugar rush, he’d be too self-controlled to go wild.

How did Sonic know that Silver would turn super in 06?

I honestly have no idea. You can just chalk this one up to yet another narrative oversight.

Do you think Eggman having an I.Q of 300 was exaggerated?

Not really.

IQ is an assessment of general intelligence and logic, your ability to utilize that which you know. Not your overall knowledge. Eggman’s clearly used his specialist know-how in robotics in particular to accomplish what he has in the form of his bases and such. And they’re nothing short of awe-insipring.

I think the real question here is why aren't you a writer for Sonic Team omfg. The things you would do man


What do you think about how Cream appeared in Sonic Advance 2?

It speaks clearly of how cruel Eggman can be, snatching a little girl Rabbit from her mother with the intention of condemning her to a robotic shell. That said, I always giggled a little at the way she grabs onto Sonic’s quills after the Egg Hammer Tank II is destroyed and Sonic is all like “Whut?”