I had a fucking HUGE grin on my face the whole time. HE is Sonic, nobody else.

Now lemme go cry my fanboy tears.


Ok, this did make me smile hugely :D

Do you think Sonream (SonicxCream) ?

I don’t like it and it seems very odd for a 6 year old and a 15 year old to have romantic interests in each other. No. I much prefer Sonic and Cream having a big protective brother - Sweet little sister-esque relationship. In that regard, my feelings towards SonTails are pretty much identical.

IC Big vs OOC Big ? IC E123-Omega vs OOC Omega ? IC Vector vs OOC Vector ?

In-character Big

- Gentle

- Protective of his friends

- Easygoing

- Resourceful

- Simple

Out of character Big

- Dumb

- Bad tempered

- Oblivious to things around him

- Easily stressed

- Complex

- Unfriendly

In-character Omega

- Proud of his power

- Dislikes Dr Eggman

- Destroys purely to prove his strength, not for the mere sake of destroying.

- Rational

- Serious

- Contemptuous of Eggman’s other robotic creations.

- Dislikes weakness

Out of character Omega

- Destruction-obsessed loon who destroys for the sake of destruction (See Chronicles and Archie)

- Inclination towards speciesism i.e “Meatbags” (Again, Chronicles and Archie)

- Loyal to Dr Eggman

- Viewing Eggman’s other robots as equals or allies

- Disloyal to allies

In-character Vector

- Generous. Charitable.

- Doesn’t get involved in dirty dealings.

- Can be argumentative

- Kind

- Perceptive

- Can be quick to anger on occasion

Out of character Vector

- Greedy

- Jerkish

- Dumbness

- Slow on the uptake

- Dishonorable

IC Cream vs OOC cream ? IC Espio vs OOC Espio ?

In-character Cream

- Polite

- Sweet

- Sensitive

- Friendly

- Dislikes violence but knows when it’s right to fight

- Determined

Out of character Cream

- Bad-mannered

- Mean

- Very inclined to violence

- Unfriendly

- Spiteful

In-character Espio

- Calm

- Introspective

- Perceptive

- Highly self-disciplined

- Focuses intently on tasks. Not easily discouraged.

Out of character Espio

- Raucous

- Unthoughtful

- Lacking self-discipline

What do you think of Simpsons now (I.E: Season 8 - Present)?

Whilst I do think that much of season 8+ is widely regarded as the downfall. I think it really began from season 11.

Today, I think The Simpsons is a very sad pale shadow of what it used to be, a show whose spirit was extinguished around the time it transitioned to HD.

Flanderization and copious derailment of characters is rampant, shameless whoring-out of real world trends because the writers have run fresh out of ideas is an every episode occurrence, the show has become highly unfunny with humor that misses the mark completely more often than not and many of the episode plots are unoriginal and/or uninteresting. In addition, celebrity voice overs and appearances never add anything of value to the episodes.

Now quite a number of episode pre-season 11 were right stinkers but they weren’t a frequent thing and the show still had it’s identity then. But nowadays, I hardly ever see anything that rivals most of the older episodes let alone surpasses them.

I used to think that it’d be a massive shame if The Simpsons was canceled. Now I firmly believe the time has come to put the show out of it’s misery. It’s not The Simpsons anymore. It’s Zombie Simpsons, possessing little to none of the wit, realism and intelligence that defined it.

That was like a shout out to old fans that things won't be too different from what they loved. Since a lot of the fanbase would obviously be upset losing everything they remembered. But it should be the near last time we see or hear anything about that. Rotors new history(With Sally's) was in the Free Comic Book 2014, but yes, he ran away from home and used his smarts in the fight for freedom(long to short story that is). Last one we'll see will be Bunnie and that should be that.

Bunnie’s will be certainly interesting. She was grievously injured in one of Eggman’s attacks right and had to have cybernetic replacements? And had to adapt to them as shown in Antoine’s backstory.

I always liked Bunnie. And I think I’m going to like her new reality iteration even more :D

Thoughts on Kirk Thornton as Shadow?
Hello, regarding the Archie Comics reset history nonsense. The main characters temporarily have their old memories, but they will soon vanish and be completely replaced with the current universe history. Sonic and Sally have not been a couple in this new history as far as anyone knows and the reason they can't hold onto the history which made the pairing is because Ken Penders legally owns it. So Sonic is canon single since forever until they draw otherwise.


Makes me wonder what the point was of making them flashback to memories of Mobius Prime.

But that said, it’s undoubtedly intriguing how this will play out. I know that Sally’s and Antoine’s histories have already been depicted in the new reality and to my knowledge, Bunnie’s has to an extent as well. Isn’t Rotor’s  new past getting delved into as well? I recall hearing something about him being ostracized by his father due to his mechanical ingenuity.

But it’s good to hear that the romantic shenanigans are being disregarded now. That was one of my issues with Archie’s writing.

My comment is regarding the "canon" thing getting pretty sick and tired of it. Sally isn't canon in the games but She is canon in the comics and cartoons. Sonic fans seem to forget that the games aren't the only legit canon. Every media form is canon in its own universe. I am in the Pokemon and TMNT fandom and they understand this concept why don't Sonic fans do?


I think that a lot of fans however believe that the game canon is more ‘legitimate’ because Sonic is truly at heart and started-out as a videogame franchise first and foremost. Whatsmore, Sonic’s creators are Sonic Team. Therefore, how they portray Sonic is obviously going to be heralded as the standard because of that, regarded as more…’official’

Of course there’s always been and there are always going to be splits between fans of various continuities in the franchise because they’re so vastly different to  SEGA’s/Sonic Team’s vision and as a result controversy is always going to arise. Sonic’s fandom isn’t the only fanbase that is split in this regard but it is one of the most obnoxious about it.